How It Works

For Traveler
For Requester

Post Request

It's easy! You can do one of the below

1. Tell travellers, what you want to buy?

2. If you like a product which someone else requested, simply copy request !

3. Like a product sold on sales campaign ? just join the campaign and get your product!


Help a shopper!

Make money from your Trip by helping shoppers get the item they wanted from country you are visiting...

You can Quote your price or Start a Sales campaign !


Accept & Deposit

If you feel that the price quoted by traveller is affordable, accept and deposit the money! Use our Triptunity chat to negotiate with traveller.

Your money is safe with us, we will realease to traveller once you confirm that the product is received


Buy & Deliver

Once shopper deposited $, buy and bring the item along with you and deliver it  to the shopper.

Feel free to use Triptunity Chat to clarify your doubts about the product.

Delivery is hassle free, you can either meetup or use local shipping options provided by Triptunity.


Yeah! You received the item...

Confirm that the product is received within 3 days! 


Bravo! You made money while Travelling!

You will receive the money in your Triptunity Wallet.