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Budget Travel overseas

Travelling is always a fun but spending too much money on travelling not very desirable. If you are an overseas traveller for the first time or planning for an overseas trip?  We triptunity offer you some killer tips through which you can save a lot. You can be any kind of budget traveller on a solo trip, family vacation or a couple. Follow our simple tips to save up a fortune.  I offer you a killer tip for the budget traveller at the end of the article that you can never miss.


  • The earlier you plan, the lot you save


When it comes to overseas travelling, plan earlier for the trip. Surf for the flight charges, hotels and theme parks. The earlier you will plan, the easier you can book your desired hotels and flights. With a flexible schedule, you can plan for a off-peak seasons trip.


  • The right time is always there


Always there’s a right time for every flight booking charges. Indeed you cut down the flight charges by booking earlier. The earlier you book, the cheaper the flight charges. You will find the best deal if you are booking in the midweek or taking a flight overnight.


  • Book a hotel out of the city


It's always beautiful to book a hotel with the view of an Eiffel tower or Taj Mahal but at the same time, it would cost you a fortune. So it’s wise to book out of the main hub of the city and pick a little remote one.


  • See more but spend less


Roaming through the unknown streets is the best way to fall in love with them. when it comes to travelling cut down your travel cost by using a local transportation like metro or bus to reach your destination. Booking a cab for every destination is not as cool as you think. Go for carpooling, it's always exciting to meet country people on the go.


  • Hire a rental car for the trip, then using a cab


Still, if you are not convinced about travelling with perfect strangers or taking up a local transportations hire cars for the whole trip.  You can book rental cars through online and they would pick you from the airport and deliver the cars for you at your convenience. Make sure you to have an international driving license to travel this way.


  • Fly smart


When you are planning far ahead for your trip, make use of the happy hour offers to book flights. Make you of the transactional flights. The best way to cut down flight charges is to sign up a newsletter of the reputational flights. Grab the right moment where the cost is low and book your flight.


  • Earn throughTriptunity


Any traveller would feel great with this tip. Take up the opportunities offered by  Triptunity to earn money while travelling. Just let us know of your destination and your trip schedule. Buy things that an overseas shopper of the country you are visiting needs. Get them the product and deliver them at your scheduled timing and earn on the go.

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